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2015 talks (in order of presentation):

Moses Katz (University of Georgia) (YouTube link)

        "The emergent perfect in Gothic"

Lukasz Jedrzejowski & Malika Reetz (University of Potsdam)

        "On the diachrony of adverbial clauses in Germanic and beyond: A typological perspective"

Corey Barnes (UCLA)

        "The Proto-Semitic consonant system revisited (Evidence from Accadian)"

Kim Waters (University of Georgia) (YouTube link)

        "Gullah-Geechee in cyber-space: The linguistic landscape of an unwritten language"

Marlyse Baptista (University of Michigan)

        "An interdisciplinary approach to the study of cognitive processes in language contact"

Maggie Eismeier (UCLA)

        "Tmesis in the Greek epic tradition: Linguistic analysis of literary evidence"

Emily Moeng (UNC Chapel Hill) (YouTube Link)

        "Glides exhibit less variance than vowels: Support for the CV hypothesis"

Jen Boehm (UNC Chapel Hill) (YouTube Link)

        "The evolution of S'gaw Karen in the diaspora"

Rachel Olsen (University of Georgia)

        "Sound symbolism in the haiku of Matsuo Bashō: A phonosemantic approach to literary analysis"

Amy Reynolds (UNC Chapel Hill)

        "Karen English: An emergent language community in the American South"

Doug Merchant (University of Georgia) (YouTube Link)

        "Functional dissociations between production and comprehension: The case of Distributed Morphology"

Melissa Larsen-Walker (University of South Florida)

        "Data driven learning in EAP writing"

Joseph Stanley (University of Georgia) (YouTube Link)

        "Seperate phonemes /ɔr/ merging? The Cord-Card Merger in real time"

Erin O'Rourke (University of Alabama)

        "Spanish phonology and indigenous language contact: Findings from the Andean and Amazonian regions"

Aaron Yamada (UC Davis)

        "A por as a serial preposition in Spanish"

Melissa Vega-Validez & Aaron Yamada (UC Davis)

        "Interrogatives and constraints in Spanish-English code-switching"

Anais Holgado Lage (Princeton University) (YouTube link)

        "The dictionary of Spanish discourse markers for students of Spanish as a second language"

Dylan Herrick (University of Oklahoma)

        "Covert phonetics in a revitalization context"

Phillip Limerick (University of Georgia)

        "Variation in object clitic placement in US Spanish"

Stephanie Côté (University of Toronto) (YouTube link)

        "The use of future tense with regular and irregular verbs in L2 French"

Kline Gilbert (UNC Chapel Hill)

        "Indicating structure within compounds: Linking elements in Swedish and Turkish complex monimals"

Aseel Alammar (George Mason)

        "Second language perception of word segmentation"

Mohammed al-Meqdad (University of Florida)

        "Social media effect: Examining youth use of Arabizi Writing System"

Marcus Berger (University of Michigan)

        "A syntactic analysis of Iquito reality status"

Amanda Catron (University of Florida)

        "Lowering foreign language anxiety with alcohol in the language learning classroom"

Luke Smith (University of Arizona) (YouTube link)

        "Towards biolinguistic clarity in generative syntax"

Heiko Wiggers (Wake Forest University) (YouTube link)

        "Professional register and regional dialect: A sociolinguistic survey on the use of Low German at the workplace"

Chad Howe (University of Georgia) (YouTube link)

        "Language Transfer and Linguistic Identity: The Case of the Quechua -kuna"

Kate Bove (University of Georgia) (YouTube Link)

        "Was she sick sick? Enfermo enfermo? ¿K'ojan k'ojan?: The pragmatic effects of adjective reduplication in Spanish, English and Maya"

Metta Crouse (UNC Chapel Hill)

        "Towards establishing a genetic relationship between Tequistlatec and Tol"

Rebekah Suyun Shim & Samiron Dutta (University of Georgia)

        "The Catawba language and the potential fo crowdsourcing in native language revitalization and revival efforts"

Jason Hagler (University of Georgia) (YouTube link)

        "A study on language revival and education methods in the 21st century and beyond"

Lisa LaCross (University of Georgia)

        "Past temporal remoteness in Kimanianga"

Yanyu Long (Cornell) (YouTube) (YouTube link)

        "Perceptual compensation and lexical effects: Individual difference based on "autistic" traits and implications for sound change"

Lindsey Antonini (University of Georgia)

        "Grammaticalization in Jamaican Creole: An exploration of the focus particle"

Mike Olsen (University of Georgia)

        "Strikes and gutters: An analysis of "fuck" in the Big Lebowski"

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