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My current research focuses on (i) form-function mapping in the narratives of monolingual and bilingual speakers, (ii) the development of visual speech perception, and (iii) general effects of bilingualism and effects of crosslinguistic differences and transfer on language development and use. 

Representative Publications

  1. Chen, L., Lei, J., and Gong, H. (2018). The effect of hearing status on speechreading performance of Chinese adolescents. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics.
  2. Jiang, X. and Chen, L. (2018). The preferred argument structure in the narratives of Chinese-English bilinguals and their monolingual peers. International Journal of Bilingualism.
  3. Chen, L., and Lei, J. (2017). The development of visual speech perception in Chinese-speaking children. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 31, 514-525.
  4. Chen, L. and Yan, R. (2011). Development and use of evaluative expressions in the English narratives of Chinese-English bilinguals. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition,14(4): 570-578.
  5. Chen, L. & Guo, J. (2009). Motion events in Chinese novels: Evidence for an equipollently-framed language. Journal of Pragmatics, 41(9), 1749-1766.

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BA in English Education: Hunan Normal University

MA in Linguistics: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

MA in Theoretical Linguistics: University of Connecticut

PhD in Applied Language and Speech Sciences: University of Louisiana at Lafayette


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Specific Research Areas:

Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Clinical Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics

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