Transfer Students

The Undergraduate Admissions Office is often unable to assign appropriate UGA equivalents for Linguistics courses taken at other universities. If you wish to seek a change in transfer credit, you must bring a copy of the course's syllabus to the Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Keith Langston, to request a change. Please email him directly or arrange an appointment through Lindsey Antonini (

Majoring in Linguistics

If you are transferring to UGA as a Linguistics major, you will be expected to satisfy all UGA Core and major requirements, even if the institution from which you are transferring did not offer some of the courses we require. If you cannot complete the major requirements by the time you achieve enough credits to graduate (120 hours), you must still satisfy the major course requirements, even though it means you will have more than enough credits to graduate.

Transfer credits may be used to satisfy UGA major and minor requirements in two ways: 1) if a course has transferred as an equivalent to a UGA course, students may use that course to satisfy any requirement that the same course taken at UGA would satisfy; 2) if a course has transferred as generic LING credit (e.g., LING 3TXX), the course may be used to satisfy the requirement for a major (or minor) elective course in Linguistics; under some circumstances we may approve substitution for a required course (contact Dr. Keith Langston if you have questions).

Please keep in mind that the University of Georgia requires that at least 15 of the hours required for any degree must be earned in residence at UGA. Therefore, a maximum of 9 hours of upper-division LING transfer credit (3 courses) may be applied to the specific requirements for the A.B. in Linguistics. 

Study Abroad

The Department of Linguistics strongly encourages students to take advantage of study abroad programs offered through UGA or other institutions. The experiences one gains by being immersed in a different culture have no equivalent. However, students must be aware that certain limitations are placed on credits transferred from studies abroad.

Courses taken abroad in a UGA-sponsored study abroad program will count as courses taken in residence. Courses taken abroad in non-UGA programs (including academic exchanges with partner universities) will count as transfer credit. A maximum of three (3) transfer courses (9 hours) from non-UGA study abroad programs can count toward the Linguistics degree. Linguistics courses above and beyond this will not satisfy Linguistics requirements, but may be used for other requirements in the Core Curriculum or as general electives.

Please also be aware that UGA has a residency policy which states that 45 of the last 60 hours a student earns towards a degree must be earned in residence at UGA. This requirement is waived for students participating in an official UGA exchange program with another university, but note that these credit hours are otherwise counted as transfer credit (unlike study abroad programs operated directly by UGA).

Updated: 07/27/17

Note that the UGA Bulletin is the official source for all degree requirements. In case of any discrepancies between the information here and in the Bulletin, the Bulletin takes precedence.