Please contact the department listed next to the language for information about these courses and when they may be taught next. Note that very few of these courses are offered through Linguistics directly.

Languages marked with an asterisk are taught rarely or irregularly and should not be counted on to complete the undergraduate Core Area VI requirement or the graduate research skills requirement. 


*Amharic AMHA, African Studies Institute
Arabic ARAB, Department of Religion
Aramaic SEMI 4001/6001, Department of Religion
*Hausa, Department of Religion or African Studies Institute
Hebrew HEBR, Department of Religion
*Syriac SEMI, Department of Religion


Vietnamese VIET, Department of Comparative Literature


*Indonesian INDO, Department of Religion


*Avestan LING4900/6900, Department of Linguistics 
*Bengali BENG, Department of Religion
Classical Armenian LING 4900/6900,  Department of Linguistics 
Greek GREK, Department of Classics
French FREN, Department of Romance Languages
German GRMN, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages
Gothic GRMN(LING)8320 and LING4900,  Department of Linguistics 
*Hindi HNDI, Department of Comparative Literature
Italian ITAL, Department of Romance Languages
Latin LATN, Department of Classics
*Middle High German GRMN(LING)8400, Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies
*Middle Welsh ENGL(LING)4195/6195, Department of English
*Old Church Slavic LING(SLAV) 4905/6905Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies
Old English ENGL(LING)4060/6060, Department of English
*Old High German LING4920/6920, Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies
*Old Irish LING4900/6900, Department of Linguistics 
*Old Norse LING4900/6900, Department of Linguistics 
*Old Persian LING4900/6900, Department of Linguistics 
*Old Saxon LING4900/6900, Department of Linguistics 
*Pashto PASH, Department of Religion
Persian PERS, Department of Religion
Portuguese PORT, Department of Romance Languages
Russian RUSS, Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies
Sanskrit LING(CLAS)4610/6610 and LING(CLAS)4620/6620,  Department of Linguistics 
Spanish SPAN, Department of Romance Languages
*Tajik TAJI, Department of Religion
*Urdu URDU, Department of Religion
Vedic Sanskrit LING8680,  Department of Linguistics 


Japanese JPNS, Department of Comparative Literature


Korean KREN, Department of Comparative Literature


Swahili SWAH, African Studies Institute
Yoruba YORB, African Studies Institute
*Zulu ZULU, African Studies Institute


American Sign Language AMSL 1010, AMSL 1020, AMSL 2010, AMSL 2020, Department of Communication Sciences and Special Education


Chinese CHNS, Department of Comparative Literature


*Kyrgyz prefix pending, also under ARAB, Department of Religion
*Turkish TURK, Department of Religion
*Uzbek, Department of Religion


*Hungarian LING4920 (contact Dr. Dezso Benedek)


Quechua QUEC, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute