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Gilbert Hall 141
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(LING 3150) TR 2:00-3:00; (LING 3280) TR 3:00-4:00; by appt.

Jonathan is a fourth-year PhD student who specializes in theoretical linguistics. He is principally interested in the syntax-semantics interface, with a particular focus on the internal goings-on of verbal and nominal structures. This has afforded a rather large swath of issues to investigate, including the interpretation of grammatical number, cross-linguistic typologies of mass-count and gender, and the issue of lexicality. He is interested in the application of morphological methods to syntactic and semantic issues.

Currently Jonathan is working on classifier systems and the interaction between mass-count, animacy, and grammatical gender.


Jonathan achieved his B.A. in linguistics at the University of Florida, where he also spent time dabbling in anthropology. Much of his anthropological interests venture into ethnographic studies, focusing on the study of cultural trauma and social memory/identity.

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