Linguistics, like other units that have professors with EFT, is granted a certain amount of travel funding per semester per faculty member. Because most faculty members of Linguistics are jointly appointed, having a home department that houses their tenure, the amount allotted to them would be split between the departments. This would create an unnecessary burden for accruing funds, as described below, so the Linguistics allotment of those funds will be reallocated to their home department. For faculty members where this is not possible, funds can still be accessed through Linguistics. See "Other Sources of Funding" below for information on how to acquire funds from other units.


When travel is to be undertaken, a Travel Authority must be filled out and submitted. If you are having trouble with this form, consider it a draft document, and bring questions you may have to whatever Business Manager you plan to file the TA with.

If your travel is being handled by a Business Manager in another department and you simply would like access to the travel funds you have been apportioned through Linguistics, please supply Lindsey Antonini with the Travel Authority prior to submitting the form to the other Business Manager. Josh will add the appropriate Linguistics account number and funds to the form, and the form should be returned to the original Business Manager for departmental approval and routing to Travel and Encumbrances in Accounts Payable.

If Linguistics is to handle your travel expense reimbursement, please submit the Travel Authority through Joshua Hanna for approval by Dr. Jared Klein and submission to Travel and Encumbrances. You are welcome to meet with Lindsey first to establish the accuracy of your form, and if you are using funds from other departments, you'll want to meet with those Business Managers as well before you finally submit it to Lindsey.

Upon return from your trip, please fill out an expense report which details all of the expenses incurred. Submit the expense statement to the same Business Manager you submitted your TA to, and you can expect your reimbursement soon. When completing the expense report, feel free to consider it a draft as well, and bring questions to the Business Manager you plan to file with. However, the following notes may help you fill out the form with ease:

  • Meals are granted by per diem, which can be found on this website (U.S. General Services Administration), thus receipts do not need to be provided for meals. Make sure to exclude incidentals and miscellaneous from reimbursement rates, and remember that the first and last days of travel are paid only at 75% of the per diem rate.
  • Mileage is calculated simply by running a Google Maps direction search from point A to point B (multiplied by 2 if round trip).
  • Receipts for lodging, parking, airfare, and other forms of travel will have to be provided with the expense statement and can be put on the expense report in their entirety.
  • Should you like, you can submit two expense reports: one immediately after paying for your flight, and another later for other expenses after your trip. This can mean that you receive the bulk of your reimbursement earlier than after all of your expenses were incurred.

Other Sources of Funding

The amount allocated to each faculty member in Franklin College will be $500 for 2015-16. This is to be distributed in two lump sums of $250 per semester. This is not a significant number when considering that much research on languages must be conducted with native speakers outside of the US. As such, alternative sources of travel funding must be sought. Some sources include: Startup funds, Department Heads/Directors Support funds, Departmental Foundation Accounts (where possible), and other departmental awards (be sure to check your home departments!). Below are a few other notable resources:

The Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research has a process for applying for funds for international conferences. These funds will cover the roundtrip airfare to the location of the conference, usually the largest expense of such trips. The deadlines for applying for these awards are the second Tuesdays of each of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Should a faculty member apply and receive funds, please bring the award to the atttention of Joshua Hanna so that he can submit the appropriate request for reimbursement.

The Provost and the Dean's Office

(See FY16 Memo here. See travel request form here.) Once per year for international travel, the Provost will offer 1:1 matching funds up to $2,000 to support international travel. For FY16, the Dean's Office of Franklin College will provide up to $500 dollars toward that match as a 1:1 matching offer per faculty member. In other words, an individual faculty member needs to produce only $500 in funds to reimburse a $2,000 should it be approved (500+500+1000). For a $4,000 trip, the faculty member would need to produce $1,500 in funds (1500+500+2000).

The amount the faculty member must raise, the kernel of funding, can be drawn from any other University source (not personal funds): the OVPR above, Departments, Startup funds, Support funds, etc. In any event, for a trip up to $2,000, only a quarter of the funds need to be provided by the faculty member. Beyond that, more money must be raised.