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LING2100 Teaching Assistant

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Gilbert Hall 141
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MWF 1:00pm - 2:00pm

My specialization is theoretical syntax, where I have a wide variety of interests. I am currently investigating serial verb constructions and argument sharing.

I am also very interested in the syntax/semantics interface, where work on the interpretation of nominals - particularly in terms of parameters like degree of definiteness, kind/individual, mass/count, plurality, and so forth.

My secondary specialization is morphology. My prior work in this area has been on second-position effects, but I am generally interested in the mapping between syntax and phonology. I investigate Spanning and Contiguity Theoretic approaches to these issues.


I achieved my B.A. at the University of Florida where I studied linguistics with a minor focus in anthropology. Much of my anthropological interests ventured into ethnography, where I largely worked on the study of cultural trauma and social memory/identity.

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I am proud to serve this year as the elected Vice President of the Linguistics Society at UGA (LSUGA).

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